Flak - Tausend Tonnen Panzerstahl CD

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We are proud to announce the new full length Album from the german  Black Metal Band Flak. This Album is like an effective weapons of mass destruction. All Songs combine  melodies of war and fierceness. Flak is the weapon and you are the ammo.

The first 33 copies/hand numbered released in a wooden box with Patch, Metal-Pin and detonated shell casings.

01. die schwere   Kompanie
02. PzKpfw V  - Panther   Panzer Division
03. PzKpfw IV
04. Sd.Kfz 234
05. PzKpfw VI - Tiger
06. P1000
07. Sd.Kfz III - Maultier
08. Tausend Tonnen Panzerstahl
09. Eiserne Legion (Bonus)
10. Pervitin (Bonus)



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Flak - Tausend Tonnen Panzerstahl CD

Flak - Tausend Tonnen Panzerstahl CD